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Paul Vescovo

Sheriff of Clay County

"He has my full support and my endorsement, as he is a candidate for Clay County Sheriff."

Mark Owen

Sheriff of Platte County

"| support Will Akin for Clay County Sheriff because he has the experience, relationships and compassion that our communities need. His work as Director of Emergency Management for Clay County, Division Commander of Communications, Public Information Officer, and law enforcement experience makes him exceptionally qualified to serve as Sheriff. As the Sheriff of an adjoining county who works closely with the Clay County Sheriff's Office it is especially important that Clay County has a Sheriff that is multi-talented and experienced in all the aspects of running a professional sheriff's department. Clay County needs somebody who is ready to lead and serve on Day One, and I am confident Will is the best person for the job. 

Will Akin has the education, experience and passion to be the next Sheriff of Clay County. I am proud to endorse Will Akin for Clay County Sheriff."

Shawn Webster

Sheriff of Clark County

"I am supporting Will for Clay County Sheriff because every person has the right to feel safe in their community and in their home, and I know he will protect these rights. In my interactions with him through the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association, I have been impressed by his commitment to the community. He is an outstanding individual who will make a great sheriff.


Will Akin has the experience and passion to be the next Clay County Sheriff. His dedication to public safety has prepared him well to do a great job. I am proud to support Will and look forward to working with him as the next Sheriff of Clay County."

West Central Missouri Regional Lodge #50 Fraternal Order of Police

Rick Inglima, President

"The membership of the West Central Missouri Regional Lodge #50, Fraternal Order of Police, have met and conferred over the endorsement of candidates regarding the race for Clay County Sheriff. At the close of our deliberations, the board UNANIMOUSLY voted to endorse your candidacy!

We appreciate the excellent working relationship you've had with our organization. Your experience and leadership is unmatched in this election and it is with great pride that the West Central Missouri Regional Lodge #50, Fraternal Order of Police endorses you for the position of Clay County Sheriff! Please feel free to use our name and/or endorsement any way you see fit."

KCPD Commanders Lodge #102 Fraternal Order of Police

Gregory Williams, President

“On behalf of the Police Commanders who comprise KCPD Commanders Lodge 102, Fraternal Order of Police, I am proud to advise you that our Lodge supports your election to Clay County Missouri Sheriff.”

FOP 102.jpg
Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #99 Fraternal Order of Police


I am humbled and honored by the support of my brothers and sisters in law enforcement. 

Kcfop Lodge

Innovative Leadership | Integrity | Accountability

KC FOP #99.jpg

Character Quotes

Paul Vescovo

Sheriff of Clay County

"I met Will on the other side of the world in Afghanistan.  We worked together in the Family Response Unit, where they were training mostly the female officers. We got to know each other very well.

People often ask me, "What is Afghanistan like?" If you are westerners, it is a place where you need to keep your wits about you at all times, and you need people to protect your back, and that is what we did." 

Paul Vescovo and wife Barbara.jpg
Mike Snider

“Will was able from a very early time when he got here to break into the fire service like no officer I have seen do in my entire career.  That is coming up on 25 years of fire service for me. His approach to people was able to bring many people together from many different types of work, yes we are all public safety, but yes, we all think very differently.  I think this man has been able to bridge that gap, and that is something that speaks greater volume than even his accomplishments that you have here today.”


Heather Hall 


"Extraordinary character.  Extraordinary Person.  A lot of people say a lot of things, but they don’t always do a lot of things.  But what Will does, is says he’s going to do something and he does it.”

Heather Hall.jpg
Mike Hasty

​"Saying nice things about Will Akin is really, really easy. The term all-in came to mind when describing Will; he doesn't do anything halfway. Everything he is involved in, he is All IN. Will has taken Clay County to a new level that I haven't seen in my nearly 40 years working in the county.  Will is the friendly face of Clay County, as the Public Information Officer.  His style is warm, genuine, and approachable. Will has established himself as a true professional and demonstrated to have the knowledge and willingness to help."

Mike Hasty Will Akin and Bob Baer.jpg
Kevin Shaffstall

Director Pryor Center for
Leadership Development

“Will brought joy to the classroom both, when he entered, and when he left. When Will was in the classroom, and when Will would speak, people listened. Because they knew he was coming from a place of great depth and sincerity, and he knew his stuff. “

“I have never seen Will Akin, big-time anyone. What I mean by Big time anyone, you are in a position and a roll that you could kind of like, I don’t have time for you, or I don’t have time to listen. Will has always made himself accessible and available to his community. Will has poured his heart out to
the community and never Big Timed anyone.”

Jerry Nolte

​“A man of accomplishment that I am just proud to know. The idea that in this county we have someone of his skills, his abilities, and his heart speaks well both of the county because he is here to serve us, it speaks well as a community. You can see by the number of people here that he is appreciated, his value as a human being and public servant does not go unnoticed. “

“We have our problems here in Clay County, but I got to tell you that those problems do not reside within the Sheriff’s Office or law enforcement leadership.  Will has a lot of titles, now Doctor. Captain, a lot of different titles, but in my experience in dealing with him and our interactions, he is Will.

And it is on that level that I relate most with Will.  As a human being as someone who wants to be of service and is of great service to this community.” 

Nicole Hodges

Community Engagement Leader at Thrivent Financial


“There is a saying that says Tough Times builds our character when in actuality its tough time that rebuilds our character.  When I think about someone who possesses strong character like leader traits, courage, purpose-driven, and humility, I think of Will Akin.“

Jason Lockridge

“March 6, 2017, the night a tornado ripped through Smithville, MO.  Not just Smithville, but my own neighborhood.  I stood outside my house after the wind died down, it was still raining and lightening and the power was out. I looked around in the dark, and it just magnifies and amplifies the devastation.  And one of the first phone calls I received was from Will.   And I will never forget standing in front of my street, in front of my house, hearing a friendly voice. First, he wanted to know how I was doing, and second, what did I need.  And we were in bright and early the next morning, probably when the sun came up and started laying plans out and pulling in resources for everything we needed to take care of this.  It was Will’s knowledge and expertise in the Public Safety world and Emergency Management world that helped us through that.  Not only me personally, not only my department but our community.  That is something I will be eternally grateful for.” 

Bob Baer

"Approximately 8 years ago I was introduced to an individual who, over time, has become a close friend.  This friendship is based , not only on  my respect for his character and professionalism; but because he has showcased to me what real drive and determination looks like, in fact he is a prime example of the best American law enforcement has to offer.

Starting at a young age, this individual was forced to set aside any personal life goals in order to work and help provide for his family.  Eventually, he enlisted in the Army and from there proved his metal by defying the odds and attaining the rank of Chief Warrant Officer and earning his pilot certification for the UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter.  After his first service to our country he was employed by the Phoenix Police Department before once again deploying to Afghanistan to help train local police there.  

The determination I mentioned earlier?.....This High School drop-out has since  went on to earn his GED, Associates Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and Doctorate.  His Leadership has been invaluable to the Sheriff’s Office and to the Region as he has professionalized the entire Emergency Management system in Clay County.  In these seven (8) short years, he has gone from an unknown to a very familiar face within the KC metro law enforcement community.  This individual is the epitome of “beating the odds” and is a clear example of what is possible even if the deck isn’t necessarily stacked in your favor. 

His passion for serving and dedication to others makes it my pleasure and true honor to endorse Will Akin for Clay County Sheriff."

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