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  • School Resource Officer Program with enhanced equipment and technology

  • Enhanced training for first responders, school officials and the community

  • Promote county-wide working groups to maximize critical incident response and ensure the best partnerships between law enforcement and education institutions

  • Increase/improve School Liaison Officer Programs


It is imperative that law enforcement maintains a highly visible and robust relationship within our schools.  Law enforcement can ensure increased safety and security through collaborative training, reviewing and providing threat assessments, and having deputies make regular appearances at the schools.


  • Collaborate with local, state, and federal law enforcement (public safety partners)agencies

  • Enhance public and private relationships between law enforcement and the residents of Clay County to build safer and stronger communities

  • Effective partnerships are essential to public safety


Current events continue to dictate the need for seamless partnerships with Police Departments, Fire Departments, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Meet with these departments regularly to collaborate our efforts and best utilize our combined strengths to address public safety matters throughout the county. Developing an effective strategy that benefits first responders is a major component to the successful response to critical incidents in our community. We will focus on providing outstanding service through community partnerships that build trust and respect. These partnerships will allow us to reduce crime in our county, create a safe environment for our residents, visitors, and continue to enhance the quality of life in our county.


  • Enhance the Sheriff’s Office understanding and response to community needs

  • Reorganize organizational structure to accommodate and prepare for future growth in our county

  • Attract and retain diverse, professional, and highly qualified candidates committed to serving the community


As Clay County grows, the Sheriff’s Office must grow as well. The first step is to provide protection to all areas of the community. Increasing our presence decreases the opportunity for criminals. Protecting and serving our citizens is my primary goal. My commitment will be demonstrated every day by the dedicated and professional employees of the Sheriff’s Office.


  • Implement programs through innovation and creativity to better serve the people

  • Bring new ideas to the forefront and modernize processes and practices

  • Be innovative, open to ideas, and view change as an opportunity for improvement


Law enforcement has increasingly become more technological over recent years. Implementing new technology will enhance our abilities to serve the public, patrol more efficiently, and better utilize our personnel and resources to perform law enforcement operations. Assessing new ideas and updated best practices will aid in the modernization of the Sheriff’s Office providing us the opportunity for constant and consistent improvements streamlining our services to the county.

  • Being accountable to the citizens of Clay County and providing transparency will strengthen the trust built between the citizens and the Sheriff’s Office

  • Communicate clearly, openly, honestly, courteously and with integrity

  • Establish a Citizen Action Committee to help guide the Sheriff’s Office efforts


Accountability is a priority and will be practiced at all levels within the organization. Those who enter the law enforcement profession are called upon to hold themselves to the highest standard of trust and integrity. I will continue to exemplify personal integrity and maintain strict accountability while leading all Sheriff’s Office employees. Encouraging citizen participation to ensure a “Whole Community” approach as we meet the needs of the community.

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